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All About Brookings PC Repair


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With over 35 years of computer experience, you can rest assured that every solution that Brookings PC Repair provides will be the best AND the most cost effective.


Since 1975, AL Stroh (Brookings PC Repair) has worked with everything from mainframe to embedded to micro computers for the U.S. Government, military and private sectors. As a resident of Brookings and a former employee of SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation, San Diego, CA), AL has worked with a wide variety of technologies on projects that included robotics, aerospace, security and military applications.


Brookings PC Repair's expertise includes:

  • Computer Building - from your specifications
  • Computer System Upgrades - motherboards, CPUs, RAM, hard drives, etc.
  • Network Installation - routers, switches, wired/wireless, network devices, etc.
  • Operating Systems - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Unix/Linux, etc. (installations/upgrades)
  • Application Software - installations, upgrades and development
  • Website Development - static, dynamic (database driven) & eCommerce

Brookings PC Repair has been building custom Personal Computers (PCs) since 1993 and high end water-cooled systems since 2002. We have also built water-cooled systems incorporating TEC (Thermo Electric Cooling) water blocks, used to lower the CPU core temperatures to near or below zero degrees Fahrenheit. These extremely low temperatures allow a CPU to be "over-clocked" to much higher speeds, which is an effective method of getting more bang for your processor dollar.


Brookings PC Repair's everyday computer is a water-cooled system. The stability and reliability of this system, not to mention it's performance, is simply outstanding. Water cooled systems perform extremely well and help extend the useful life of a processor, regardless of whether it is over-clocked or running at stock speeds. They are also extremely quiet.

Brookings PC Repair has worked for a variety of small businesses, installing and configuring well over 100 PCs and Servers for various customers, setting up networks and installing a variety of specialized peripheral equipment. As an independent contractor, we have built and installed computer systems (both conventional and water cooled) for individuals and small businesses throughout Oregon, California and Nevada.


In terms of software and operating systems, we can install anything. Brookings PC Repair is currently recommending the Linux operating system. With literally dozens of FREE versions of Linux available and thousands of FREE software applications just a few clicks away, Linux is rapidly becoming THE operating system of choice for both average and power users alike.


Linux is currently being deployed by corporations, governments (local, state and federal) and entire counties as well. It is rapidly becoming the operating system of choice for goverments, universities and public school systems, primarily due to it's low cost and availability of free software. There are MANY things available under Linux that will never be available in Windows, and Microsoft is NOT the only viable alternative anymore. Linux is an excellent solution and is highly recommended by Brookings PC Repair.


Give us a try -- risk-free. If we can't fix it or identify the problem, there is no charge!*


AL Stroh
Brookings PC Repair


AL Stroh


*Guarantee based on customer's willness to upgrade outdated hardware and/or application software, if deemed necessary by Brookings PC Repair to correct the problem.




What Do Customers Think of Brookings PC Repair?





"We're not computer savvy nor do we know anything about the technical stuff. What we do know is that Al is a pro at it. On several occasions he helped us get our computer up & running. He even set up an anti-virus program for us and got rid of ALL our viruses and spyware."

E Cardenas - Customer Service Representative




"The finest computer I have ever owned is a water-cooled unit built and supported by AL Stroh of Brookings PC Repair. Water-cooled PC’s are virtually problem free when it comes to running those noxious Windoze programs. On the rare occasion when something did go wrong (usually with Windows), AL Stroh was able to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. As someone who relies heavily on a computer, I never had to worry that I would be unable to get my work done because AL was always there for me."


Matthew S. - Student




"I recently used the services of AL for my home computer installation and upgrade. The installation was prompt, efficient and customized to my personal needs. I felt his service was reliable and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family."


Gloria H. - Retired




"I was desperate. My computer was dead – major system files missing and it would not boot at all. I am a small business owner and my existence is tied to that computer. I am also an experienced computer user and capable of resolving most problems, but this time I was stumped.


AL Stroh's incredible knowledge and willingness to patiently walk me through the steps (over the phone) to a resolution were amazing. In the end, and miraculously, my computer was back to full health and in far less time (and for considerably less money) than I could have hoped for.


This is not your average tech support. Worth every penny and then some. Highly recommended!"


Christopher S. - Attorney at Law




"For over ten years I've been a full-time telecommuter for a company based in Massachusetts. Having my company's IT department 3000 miles away would have been a huge challenge for me if it weren't for the support I've received from AL Stroh (Brookings PC Repair). He handles all my hardware, software and operating system upgrades, including recommendations to meet my specific system performance requirements.


He keeps my VPN connection to the company network up and running and not interfering with anything it shouldn't. My system is so well protected (from viruses, trojans, malware, etc.) that during the entire time I've been telecommunting, my system has NEVER been infected nor have I had to put up with annoying popups flying around my screen, all thanks to AL. And he's so reasonably priced that I don't even ask my company for reimbursement (they think I'm a genius who does it all myself)."


Susan S. - Web Developer / Graphic Designer



"I owned a small construction company in Southern California for 10 years. AL built and maintained our company's (water-cooled) computer for us. When my hard drive crashed on my Compaq laptop, I took it to the Drive Service Company in Irvine, CA, to have them retrieve the data off the hard drive and transfer it to the computer that Al built. To my surprise, the technicians were overwhelmed by the technology used in my computer. They even called some of their geek friends in to see it. Needless to say, they were impressed.


We have since moved to the desert and experience 120 degree temperatures during the summer and below freezing temperatures in the winter. The water cooled computer has endured the dust, the heat and the cold beautifully.


AL has come to service our computer once a year and we could not be happier with his level of professionalism and the patience he has shown us. I highly recommend his services."


Diana M. - Consultant & Independent Business Owner




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